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Default Second monitor dissappears

Hello All,
I have just updated to the Alpha 9.2 release and ran into a significant problem. I have 2 external monitors connected to my Dell 7470 laptop and the second one does not show when I installed the latest version of DL. Prior versions did not have this issue.

The monitor that works is connected directly to the HDMI port on the laptop, and the non-working monitor is connected to the DL box via HDMI.

Once I removed the ALPHA software and returned to 9.1 M2 software, the monitor worked correctly.

A second issue is that I will occassionally get an unresponsive mouse button. Only have clicking one, two, and both buttons, does it return to service. This happens about once an hour, and I have removed all other applications that might interfere (XMouse, etc).

Laptop has been fully updated. with compatible drivers for all components.

My configuration:
Dell latitude E7470
Windows 10 10.0.17134 Build 17134
ROM 1.21.6
Intel HD Graphics 520
16 GB Memory
i7 Processor
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