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Exclamation Other Issue with MacBook in Clamshell Mode

Hi there!

I got my new MacBook Pro 14' with M1 Pro and MacOS Monterey 12.1 and was looking forward to use it in Clamshell Mode with my new bought WavLink WL-UG69PD2 Pro. (2 HDMI Monitors)

Following Issue:

When I connect it once it works very well. After launching sleep mode first I can wake it up by pressing Space and it works well. Then I go to sleep mode a second time. When I try to wake it up again it shows the login screen for about half a second and then black screen. Only reconnecting USB-C or restart the WavLink Dock helps in that case... I also tried to unplug ethernet but this didn't help.
In this case, DisplayLink outputs a warning that I should enable screen recording in macOS settings. But I did that already and it still is enabled.

- MacBook Pro with M1 Pro 14'
- WavLink WL-UG69PD2 Pro
- 1st Monitor: AG241QC
- 2nd Monitor: S24F350

Just to reproduce:
1. Connect Dock
2. Go to sleep Mode
3. Wake Up
4. Go to Sleep Mode again
5. Try to wake up --> LogIn Screen for half a second and then BlackScreen?

Is there a fix for this problem? And if not could it help to try another docking station like the Dell D6000?

Thank You!
Greetings from Berlin!
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