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Short report and possible advice for others who have got in to same trouble:
  • Dock powered off
  • Attempted to uninstall all packages related to D5000. Two failed to uninstall.
  • Performed cleanup with tool supplied.
  • Did manual cleanup from registry, reboot.
  • Confirmed that all related entries, processes disappeared.
  • Installed first Core package from Displaylink
  • Installed additional package from Dell
  • Reboot.
  • After connecting to dock, went through DisplayLink wizard configuring main and secondary monitors.

Results: success
The only comment i have is that secondary monitor (through D5000) now named in my devices as "No Monitor". I would say that does not hurt but better to name it in a different way
P.S. that also solved issue with Displaylink Audio device..

Thanks for your help, guys!
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