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Originally Posted by jaddison View Post
Thanks for the advice, segfault. I presumed that since yours was XP and mine is Win7, the driver models are very different. Maybe the same solution will fix both our problems... or not. It's just more exposure, I suppose.

One other thing I wanted to mention: if I click on the system tray icon to display the menu, the "DisplayLink Manager" option is grayed out. I don't know if it matters or not.

How does one generate and submit debug logs? I'd like to help.
I'm seeing the same behavior with "DisplayLink Manager" being grayed out.

In terms of log collection, you may want to start here:

Then, follow the directions in this post in my related forum thread:

Hopefully both of those sets of logs will be a good starting point for the developers, although I've posted both of those myself already in the other thread and haven't gotten a response.
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