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Default [SOLVED] Lenovo W500 with Lenovo USBtoDVI and Samsung 24" 2433BW - BLANK screen

- Lenovo W500
- Samsung 24" 2433BW LCD monitor (native resolution is 1920x1200; works find using my DisplayPort to DVI adapter)
- Lenovo USB to DVI DisplayLink adapter
- Windows 7, 64bit
- DisplayLink-5.2.21675.exe installed, from the site

I can't get anything but a blank screen to show up on the Samsung LCD. When I plug it into the adapter, the screen looks like it's on (the power light isn't flashing anymore), but the screen remains blank/black.

If I go into the Screen Resolution dialog, it is automatically set to "extended". If I try to change it to "clone", I get an error "unable to save display settings". Also, the monitor attached to the adapter is identified as "Generic non-pnp monitor", and it should most definitely say "Samsung".

I am willing to test beta versions of drivers to help resolve the issue. I appreciate any help provided.

Thank you,

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