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Unhappy Audio over HDMI: is it supposed to work?

I installed DisplayLink driver version 5.4 on Kubuntu 20.04. Video is working fine (apart from the usual problem of the high CPU usage of DisplayLinkManager process), but...

After driver installation, there's now a new audio device on my system, called "USB3.0 Dual Video Dock". For this device I can choose among a lot of different profiles, like analog stereo output, analog stereo duplex, IEC958 digital output, IEC958 digital duplex, some analog surround outputs, etc..
However, whatever I choose, the audio does not reach my monitor via the HDMI cable (yes, my monitor has built-in speakers...).

Please note, I'm not talking about the analog jack output on the docking station (which I never tested and not interested in), but rather about audio through the HDMI connection between the docking station and the monitor.

Is it supposed to work at all? Reading from other messages over the Internet, it seems like so...

The main annoyance is that Kubuntu is often turning this "USB3.0 Dual Video Dock" audio device as the system default one, hence I get no sound at all when it happens, unless I force one of the other audio devices to be back the default one.

Thanks in advance.
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