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Originally Posted by Bbar747 View Post
I am using the new dell xps 9300 connect to the dell d6000 running ubuntu 20.04 and unfortunately this is run extremely slow. On ubuntu 18 it all worked just great and now on the 20.04 its a nightmare . I have to leave my lid open to be able to work using the monitor. Thank you
Don't know how it was in Ubuntu 18.XX, but I'm really pleased with the performance on Ubuntu 20.04 now. I'm collecting all my efforts in a Debian package, which allows to install the driver incl evdi and only requires a reboot.
If there is anyone who has a workaround or whatever solution for the throttle after a closed lid, please let me know!
Apart from that all works nicely (including asking for license agreements and a clear note that I'm not owner of the software included in my package).
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