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Hey. I had the same problem. I have 2 1080p screens connected to my docking station. My laptop has 2 graphics cards built in. A Vega 10 iGPU and a GTX 1660ti.

First solution:
If a Nvidia GPU is installed, you can set in the Nvidia Control panel which programs are started with the iGPU and which with the Nvidia GPU.
With Firefox set to use the 1660ti i can play 2 1080p 60fps Youtube videos without lags.

Second solution:
In the Windows device manager you can deactivate the iGPU so that Windows only uses the better GPU. Don't be surprised if nothing is shown on the laptop display anymore. A restart helped me, so the picture on the laptop display was rendered by the 1660ti.

Personally, I use the first solution because I can change the setting during operation without restarting the computer. And you have much longer battery life on the go.
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