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Originally Posted by AlbanRampon View Post

I am going to split the thread. It is just an unmanageable mix, with root causes investigated via 2 different streams.

DisplayLink driver for the device stvlada and iionas have is not using the GPU.
So the fact the GPU clock is higher from Windows 10 19H1 v1903 is a problem, but not a problem of WUDFHost.exe using higher CPU from Windows 10 RS4, which could be power management rather than graphics (and 2 different versions of Windows . This thread was created for RS1, which was then subsenquently acknowledged as addressed.

There's already a different thread for GPU complaint since Windows 10 v1903 and I will be moving relevant posts there.
I will also be creating a thread specific to the fan from RS3 to RS4+.
When these threads are created and threads moved, I'll update this post with links to the current threads and close this one.

1. dGPU is hotter/clock is higher since I upgraded to Windows 10 19H1 v1903
2. CPU fan usage has increased between Windows 10 RS3 and RS4+ (v1709 to v1803+)

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PS: I may tweak this post when I do the sorting if another theme is found, or to precise title better.

Cheeers bud.

If you need help with anything let me know, keen to get this issue sorted. Appreciate you chiming in.
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