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Arrow Thread content to be split and thread to be closed


I am going to split the thread. It is just an unmanageable mix, with root causes investigated via 2 different streams.

DisplayLink driver for the device stvlada and iionas have is not using the GPU.
So the fact the GPU clock is higher from Windows 10 19H1 v1903 is a problem, but not a problem of WUDFHost.exe using higher CPU from Windows 10 RS4, which could be power management rather than graphics (and 2 different versions of Windows . This thread was created for RS1, which was then subsenquently acknowledged as addressed.

There's already a different thread for GPU complaint since Windows 10 v1903 and I will be moving relevant posts there.
I will also be creating a thread specific to the fan from RS3 to RS4+.
When these threads are created and threads moved, I'll update this post with links to the current threads and close this one.

1. dGPU is hotter/clock is higher since I upgraded to Windows 10 19H1 v1903
2. CPU fan usage has increased between Windows 10 RS3 and RS4+ (v1709 to v1803+)

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PS: I may tweak this post when I do the sorting if another theme is found, or to precise title better.
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