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Alright guys,

So Ive been playing with the said 'workaround' for couple daysd and my temps are back to normal.

My initial finding is that the D3100 clocks the GPU to base speeds, so In my case it would clock it to 1404mhz without having to need to, as I checked use the load is virtually 0 on desktop and even using programs.

Yes the GPU will power all displays end of the day however theres no need for it to stay cranked all the time, generally what ive noticed once clocked up 1405mhz it starts to bring cpu temps up also (as expected).

SO!... Ive been using this tool called nvidia inspector. Link:

Basically I turn it on, turn on muti-display function as described and i just pushed a threshold to 20/20%. And all of a sudden, boom normal temperatures.

Basically what it does is it downclocks the gpu as it normally should (no need for gpu to stay clocked all the way when not doing work. (obviously it should vary).

I have tested it for the past 3 days to make sure it is good and I can still make use of it when it needs to be used at higher power states / function.

This is NOT a fix, this is a workaround if you have a nvidia gpu.

Ive dropped temperatures by 17-30 degrees on both cpu and gpu.

Hope they fix it so we dont have to run this particular thing but for now it allows me to still use this dock.

Any questions id be glad to help, If you guys need I can make a video and upload it explaining more.
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