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Originally Posted by stvlada View Post
Hi, I do have same issue with my D3100 docking station.
Just on moving mouse I'm getting higher CPU usage, and I'm getting my CPU fan start spinning. While doing just basic things, browsing, reading documents, working in MS Office. I'm using two monitors also.
When my laptop is not connected to the D3100, no issues.

My configuration is:
1. Laptop HP Pavillion 17"
2. Intel i7 - 6700HQ
3. Windows 10 x64 1809, release date November 13.2018
4. Dell D3100 docking station
5. DisplayLink 9.0.1809.0
6. Connected via USB 3 port

Thought id Quickly jump in

Im using a displaylink d3100 via usb3.0 also and experiencing same sort of issues here.

CPU usage high and Win Driver foundation at it in the background.

The setup iam running is a 7700hq / gtx1060. I do majority cad work and the display link is used as an output for my third monitor.

On bootup it is fine temps are low and normal, however within 10-15 mins of use it gets higher and higher, somewhere between 10-15c more than usual, including on the GTX also. I also look at power draw and its very significant. Now before we go any further, this is a fresh up to date 1903 install hours old.

Ive been using this since 1709 and the temperatures and cpu multiplier rates were never this bad once the drivers are updated or the dock is being used.

Ive been pulling my hair out, tried old drivers, new drivers but nothing. While im using the dock i hit temperatures of 75+ while doing simple autocad saves.

Without the dock plugged in or installed temps drop 30-15 degrees.

So.. Any news? I dont want to get rid of it, its only 11 months old.
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