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Originally Posted by Landossa View Post
Hello List,

I have been using DisplayLink for a while now.

I just updated Windows 10 to 1903 and now when ever I try and launch any game it crashes. Everything else works.

I have updated the latest DisplayLink Driver to 9.1.1651.0 but this does not fix the issue.

All games DO work when I plug my monitor Directly into my Laptop.

This means that there is a DisplayLink driver problem when playing games under Windows 10 v1903 using HDMI. But could effect all display connections with DisplayLink and Windows 10 v1903.

Any ideas when this will be fixed?

Good evening,

I am pleased to tell the fix for multi-GPU machines has been approved for deployment to Windows 10 v1903 (19H1).
It is currently tracking to be an optional update starting rolling out on Tuesday 27th August (overall OS patch, not just that) and then pushed to all machines as part of the Tuesday 10th September cumulative patch and newer.

Optional updates are manually installed by going to Settings > Updates & Security > Windows Update, and clicking on "Check for updates".
There is no change to the DisplayLink driver you are currently using.

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