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Hello Sinfante,

With Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the graphics card chosen by Windows in the card used for POST (boot). As you've observed, it tends to be the integrated, low end, card.
The current workaround is to disable the low end graphics card, if the platform allows it, to force the Windows kernel mode graphics driver to use the card which is left...
Unfortunately, this is part of the OS and not something DisplayLink can change. I'm discussing it with Microsoft, but it would help if you could*you use the Microsoft Windows Feedback Hub saying the following:
The indirect display driver seems to be using the low end Intel integrated graphics instead of using my high end graphics card. This is affecting the performance of the games as my high end GPU is not being used.

We've flagged this as a bug, but we need more people to report this to Microsoft to get it prioritised higher in their development.

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