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Default NVIDIA Card Not Active When Using DisplayLink

I have a Lenovo laptop with an integrated Intel HD graphics card AND an NVIDIA GT 730M for gaming. When my laptop is not using DisplayLink via my docking station, the NVIDIA card is my default - no problem. As soon as I dock my laptop to use my two external monitors the NVIDIA card is set to Inactive.

I ran DXIDAG and have two Display tabs when docked - Display 1 and Display 2 - both with the Intel card under the Render tab. Also, when I run the NVIDIA Control Panel, I get the message that says "You are not currently using a display attached to an NVIDIA GPU."

Am I missing something in the DisplayLink config that is preventing my NVIDIA card from being used when my laptop is docked? Any assistance would be appreciated...I really want to use the higher end card when playing EVE Online.

Thanks in advance...
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