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Default Ubuntu 18.04, D6000 and Displaylink Release 5.3.1

I have always used the displaylink drivers with a Dell D6000 and an Ubuntu laptop. All versions before release 5.3.1. would fail and some point the connected display would go black and stay that way, the mouse would flicker and would stay like that. Only way to fix it was to pull the usb-c out and put it back in.

With the current release it has gotten better ,the connected display still goes black but returns after 3-5 seconds, it disconnects the network, but connects again. This is particularly bad when being in videocalls, but it has improved the time I can spend on the bigger display a lot. Also when I use a cable e.g. displayport to usb-c this issue doesn't arise.

Just wanted to add that release 5.3.1. is a lot better then the releases before and hoping it will get better in the short time.

I was also wondering where I can add my logs and feedback, so the bug fixing on the crashes can improve. If someone can point me in the right direction with issues and logs that would be helpful
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