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Originally Posted by ragu View Post
I installed the Ubuntu drivers on Debian. I tried to uninstall Displaylink drivers with
sudo displaylink-installer uninstall
as recommanded but it does not work ("command not found").
Is there a way to know the files/packages installed during the installation of Displaylink to remove them manually?
I had the same issue with some kind of bad install on Ubuntu 20.04. I was able to get a copy of the uninstall script locally using the displaylink installer.

First, make a new folder for the installer output in the same directory as your :
mkdir displaylink
Then, run the "run" command, but use an argument to output the contents it normally installs to a separate folder, i.e. the one you just made.

sudo ./ --target displaylink
Afterward, in your displaylink folder you should have a number of new scripts, including your In the new directory (displaylink in this example), run the shell script with the uninstall argument:

sudo ./ uninstall
That successfully did an uninstall for me, and I was able to run the "run" installer again and get it to work. Afterward, switching to Xorg allowed me to actually recognize and use my screen.
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