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Default Build 10130 and beta 7.9 has bricked my tablet

I am using a cheap (Linx) tablet to test Windows 10 and a Plugable (Displaylink device) to avoid risking PCs or tablets that matter.

It was mostly working fine including switching off and back on until I installed the "latest" displaylink beta 7.9 driver. That did work but only until I rebooted!

Now trying the recovery options
it won't offer to restore the recovery partition I assume I had
it won't start Windows 10
it won't refresh Windows 10
it won't boot from a USB dvd (tried windows 10 and windows 7)
it won't boot from a USB recovery drive windows 8.1
it won't System Restore

start-up repair can't fix it

Has anyone else got their device seemingly bricked by installing the latest displaylink beta driver? If so have they found a recovery solution that works.

ps I may be deemed a "junior member" but I am in fact a nerd with 35 years experience!
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