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Default 2x prokord docking 4x monitor and ubuntu 18-20

I want to use docking for easy and fast changing computers in the workplace.
I have a picture using Ubuntu 18.14 connect 4 pcs. monitor. Then I used one or two Docking Station from Prokord as (2 + 2), Then I did not get any picture on the screens. I update to Ubuntu 19.10 and could use a docking station with 2 monitors. If I connect the other docking station with screens no. 3 and 4, I get problems with the image on one of the monitors. I also have keyboard and mouse issues.
Then I update to Ubuntu 20.04 and the docking station is out of order again. What do I have to do to reach the finish line? My 4 monitors are identical. Do I have to do one installation for each ubuntu upgrade ?

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