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Originally Posted by kngharv View Post
Dear all:

Is there a list somewhere which I can go browse and look for a product that uses a specific chipset and/or a chipset family?

The reason is simple: one major reason why people choose displaylink-enabled product at first place is to hook up multiple external monitors easily. And the one thing people care is to ensure all the monitors hooked up via display link can display its native and/or high resolution.

There isn't much of a point if I managed to hook up multiple monitors, yet I have to tone down resolution on each of the monitor due to limitation in the displaylink chipset.

And the maximum resolution is pretty much determined by which family of displaylink chipset the usb hub uses.

Let say I look at my external monitors and I determined that displaylink DL-6000 series chipset is the chipset I*need.

My problem is that it is actually quite difficult to find which usb dock that actually uses DL-6000 series chipset.

Would Displaylink create and maintain a such webpage for potential buyers?

Thanks in advance
I believe the search options on this page would provide the information you need in terms of product capability -->
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