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Originally Posted by abutaha View Post

Following the patch steps work on Ubuntu 20.10 with distro's default kernel (5.8.0-26-generic)
Yes, Abutaha, this was working fantastically for me as well in 5.8... But there are issues with 5.9 as mentioned, which could be addressed more thoroughly by any reasonable maintenance guy as highlighted in the linked post that has brought us all here

Since we're all here and not mentioning names. I mean, that would be unreasonable... Perhaps we can collectively be more conducive and indicate which DisplayLink build we're running, which kernel version, and which EVDI version too... If we can indicate what works and what doesn't too?

For me I've tried the instructions above on 5.9 under Ubuntu 20.10 (which also worked on 5.8.*) prior and have offered logs as well...
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