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Default Definitiely a temperature problem

Me again. Dell D3000 dock worked great all summer. Once the weather cooled off a bit, Dell D3000 will not display to my second monitor when I get to work in the morning. The solution is to:

1. Work with only the laptop monitor for the first hour in the morning until the dock warms up.
2. Then power cycle the Dell D3000 dock.
3. Wait for the second monitor to display.
4. Reboot my laptop.
I guess my Dell D3000 dock just doesn't like fully waking up on cold mornings. Perhaps I will procure a new dock one day. Perhaps I will retire to a desert inland with no computers.
My new problem is to get a monitor working with a DisplayPort cable. DVI works! HDMI works! DisplayPort NFW! I'm too old for this.
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