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Default Same problem as bpeterson76


I also have a Dell M3800 connected to DisplayLink Superspeed USB 3.0 docking station and have the same problem of being unable to display on two external screens.

I bought my computer and the docking station in May 2014. I connected two external screens to the docking station, one through HDMI and the other through the VGA/DVI adaptator. Everything first worked well but in July, I lost the display on the two external screens as well as the ethernet connection through the docking station. Only the USB ports were working.

Dell changed the docking station under guarantee. Less than one year later, I got the problem again but as I was in North America for several months, I couldn't obtain a new replacement of the docking station.

I called Dell last week. They first suggested me to update the driver but it didn't solve the issue. They then suspected a problem with the OS (Windows 8.1) and suggested me to reinstall it. As I use my computer professionally, I don't have 3 days to loose to reinstall all my softwares. In addition, there is no guarantee that this will bring a stable solution.

I cannot understand why the problem is with the computer and not with the docking station or its driver.

Could someone please help me find a solution?

Thank you !
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