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Originally Posted by emericv View Post
I have same issue on a laptop with AMD GPU : the second screen (using DisplayLink) is detected but the display is very jerky
Having the same exact issue with AMDGPU + DisplayLink as well.

My workaround has been to stay with Ubuntu 18.04 using the DisplayLink 5.3.1 driver for Ubuntu for the time being alongside the AMDGPU-PRO driver as that seems to be the only working configuration for me, but it's not ideal, especially considering I'm having to use the AMDGPU-PRO driver which has had compatibility issues with running software that works fine using the AMDGPU open-source driver. The lack of proper support for AMDGPU is what's keeping me from upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and it seems like this issue has been brought up my numerous people for a few months now with no real answers or estimations on progress.

I would definitely advise DisplayLink to make their drivers fully open source, as many others have suggested over the past several years. That way, you know, us pesky Linux users wouldn't have to be so much of a bother. I think it'd be to their benefit anyway, it's not like open source contributors would be seeing any of the profits DisplayLink makes and if anything it'll help to get their software available on more platforms which ultimately results in greater revenue for them.
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