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Default Screen turn off / on (power management)

This is probably a windows insider issue, but given we are close to the final release its probably worth highlighting:

When my monitors go to sleep (but the laptop is still awake) and are "re-awoken" (mouse move etc.). The displaylink monitor will fail to turn back on. It is still registered as a monitor and I can move my mouse + apps to from it, but it is still "off".

Unplug/re-plug will make it work again.

Software Package Version: 8.6.1104.0
Software Package Date: 25th July 2018

DisplayLink Ethernet Driver Version: 8.6.587.0
DisplayLink Audio Driver Version: 8.6.1097.0

Windows 10 Build 17746.rs5_release.180821-1736

Targus USB3.0 DV Dock with Power
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