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Originally Posted by adin View Post
In my case, when the screen freezes there is no coming back but a hard shutdown. Unplugging the dock doesn't do anything. The laptop's screen is still frozen, and there is no way to see if the inputs are coming through. I checked the logs, but I can't identify anything related to the displaylink since I don't know what to look for.
Can you
then type 'r' and hit enter? You can't see it but this will refresh GDM for you (That's if you're using that desktop manager)
If that does nothing can you
into a console? Then you might be able reload your display manager (although this will kill your current session) so I think that you can reload the DisplayLink service itself first with something like
sudo service displaylink-driver restart

I've found that sometimes the display manager would have issues with not displaying onto my internal screen (it would still act as if the display was disabled - as I used to have my laptop lid closed whilst using the other monitors.) There may be something in the
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