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Originally Posted by rick_pri View Post
For me, I would see the DisplayLink connected screens freeze and then I would unplug via usb and plug back in again, and then I'd have to run an alias which I've created from ARandR to fix my screen layout.

What I've found is that this always happend earlier in the day and it was happening when the network was very busy (backups being uploaded to the NAS). Since I've switched to plugging in the network cable directly into my machine that has resolved this issue for me. I don't particularly use the USB ports on my device, but I suspect heavy USB port usage could also have a similar impact.
In my case, when the screen freezes there is no coming back but a hard shutdown. Unplugging the dock doesn't do anything. The laptop's screen is still frozen, and there is no way to see if the inputs are coming through. I checked the logs, but I can't identify anything related to the displaylink since I don't know what to look for.
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