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thank you for checking the Firmware in your device.
Are you using DP++ adapter to connect monitor (Benq G2420 has only DVI and VGA inputs)? I guess Samsung S27D850 is connected using DP cable.
We have look on your logs and it looks like that they are cut off just before issue happened. The reason for this might be OS has data in buffer and not yet send them to /var/log.
Next time when issue happen could you please just before gathering logs execute "sync" command ?

As well if this will be possible for you could you please (when having dock unplugged):
- have evdi logging enabled (the same way as you did before),
- have debug enable for DispalyLink logs,
- clean /var/log/displaylink directory (including hidden files),
- reboot machine.
After this please just use your machine normally with dock connected etc. and when issue happen could you please execute sync command and gather logs?

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