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Default How to disable USB 2.0 driver

Currently, I am using 2 display link monitors. They both work great for the most part. However, if I leave my USB 2.0 displaylink monitor plugged in while I boot up my computer, the resolution options only go up to 1024x800 instead of 1920x1080.

I believe that the cause of this is that there is a displaylink USB 2.0 driver in the kernel. I found that here: . I realize that those posts are old, but I still believe that there's something in the kernel for displaylink 2.0 devices. The device that I'm having trouble with is this: I believe that this also says some of the problems I'm having: . I understand that this isn't the fault of displaylink, but any help would be appreciated.

Is there a way to disable the driver/module that's causing me issues? The resolution options are also limited if I unplug and plug back in the adapter

I'm running Kubuntu 18.04 and have the latest displaylink drivers installed.

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