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Thanks! It's a hell of a shortcoming of this screen in MacOS.

Is BrightScreen included in the driver? Or a part of Windows? I don't know much about Windows 10... How do I do all the steps, if I can borrow a PC for a moment? I don't want it taking a full night.

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Hi there,

Received an MB169B+ this week and had issues with the color being all messed up and clipping to white when it was subtly grey.

After some research I found the color profiles here

It still wasn't perfect. I figured decreasing the contrast of the screen would improve the situation. After googling for that I found that I could decrease the contrast on a Windows computer using BrightScreen and the Windows driver that simulates DDC/DI - and that this would persist through the screens internal hardware.

So I plugged the screen into a Windows machine and ... wow, the colors are fine. None of the washed out high gamma/contrast color problems exist on the Windows driver. I booted up BightScreen and hit save on the default 50% contrast, which from what I've read, saves the 50% contrast profile to the screens internal hardware.

After doing this, all of a sudden the screen looks great in macOS - even better than the color profiles linked above. While not as bright as my Macbook Pro, the colors are at least pretty accurate.

My theory, is that the screen does not have a contrast value set by default, which the Mac driver doesn't bother setting correctly, but the Windows driver handles fine, and then by using BightScreen you are able to set that default value which macOS then obeys. Plugging into the Windows machine then back to the Mac is not enough - the contrast level does not persist unless you save it using BrightScreen.

Hopefully this fixes the color issue for you!
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