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Default [Updated] DisplayLink Ubuntu driver with GPUs using modesetting X driver

Updated 10.10.2017: The following is true for all cases that would normally use page flips enabled in modesetting by default


Many of you, who are using Intel GPUs were bitten by the update of X that made the video part of your docking stations not work at all, or caused weird issues. Here's what we found out so far.

Firstly, please read the FAQ article capturing the problem, and two proposed workarounds:

Long story short: modesetting driver is used by default now for Intel, and the recent changes to it, together with the changes to present code in X are causing page flipping to be enabled in some parts of X, but disabled in others.

This happened on both 1.18 and 1.19 branches of just before releasing from them, so both up-to-date Ubuntu 16.04.x and 17.04 are affected by it. Trunk code of X is already changing in the area in question, however there may be more work needed for page flipping to work properly with evdi.

We invite everyone to work with X developers and propose changes to both X and evdi to help us see such issues early enough to be able to react.

The possible workarounds for now are:
  • falling back to "intel" driver (instead of "modesetting") if you can, or
  • switching PageFlip off for modesetting
See the linked FAQ article above for ways of doing it.


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