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Default Which chipset do I have?

I'm on Linux but on NixOS (not Ubuntu). I'm trying to get DisplayLink working in order to drive more displays than the limit of 4 provided by the integrated GPU on my laptop.

As a note, this is an HP ZBook Power G9 laptop with an Intel i7-12700H CPU and an Nvidia T600 discrete GPU, but the nvidia GPU apparently only functions in Optimus/Prime mode.

As a further note, I actually have 2 docks: HP Thunderbolt 280W Dock G4 (off of which the laptop screen and 3 external monitors are being driven), and an HP Universal USBC/A Dock G2 (which uses DisplayLink and is what I'm trying to set up to drive 2 or 3 additional displays). All displays are 1080p.

Using the fwupdmgr utility (for updating firmware), I see the following for the DisplayLink dock:

─HP USB-C Universal Docking Station:
│ Device ID: fc6da820357c954f813bc50790f9ea7fbf0aed9b
│ Current version: 31.2
│ Vendor: DisplayLink (USB:0x17E9)
│ Serial Number: 43A5B830EEA
│ GUIDs: 3a11c4a7-a4a8-5cfc-b9aa-047dfb15f21e ← USB\VID_17E9&PID_601E
│ 3ac5f23c-a246-5799-a372-ecba091ee7e4 ← USB\VID_17E9&PID_601E&REV_3102
│ Device Flags: Updatable

In trying to get some driver working, I think that I need to know the DisplayLink chipset family. I assume that it is a DL-6000 series, but if not then I assume that someone here can tell me what it is based on the PID 601E and the REV 3102?

Any other random tips would also be welcome. Thus far I haven't been able to get the DisplayLink provider to show up in xrandr --listproviders.
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