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Default Dell D6000 Universal Dock loses video

Hi Friends,

I have a brand new Dell D6000 universal dock I purchased to support 3 computers:

1) 2016 Dell XPS 13 with Win 10 And USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 port
2) 2016 HP x360 with Win 10 and Non-Thunderbolt USB-C/USB 3 port
3) 2015 MacBook Pro with Catalina MacOS and USB 3 port

I have a single Dell display connected to D6000 via HDMI cable. External monitor resolution is 1080p.

D6000 has the latest firmware AO3 and all computers have the latest displaylink Drivers.

The annoying problem I encountered is the D6000 loses video when I switch computers. The only way to reacquire video on the external monitor is to cycle power to the D6000.

Is this a known issue with a solution, or is it perhaps indicative of a manufacturing defect?

Your thoughts/ advice are appreciated.

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