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Exclamation Drivers 6.3 causing flickering screen on splaylink Asus Universal USB Docking Station


I recently bought the Displaylink Asus Universal USB Docking Station, for my Asus K55VM.

I installed it at first, with the driver CD, installing driver version 5.6, this made the display flicker and cut it self in half.
I ran the update and got version 6.3, this how ever just makes the display refresh forth and back from Digital to Analog and then back to working after a few seconds. Then it works for 2-3 minutes and then it does it again.

Here is what i have tested so far:

Tried with a Analog cable.
Tried with a Digital cable.
Tried with another screen and both cables again.
Tried changing the USB port the docking station is in.
Tried reinstalling to driver 5.6
Tried updating to driver 6.3

I have running on Windows 7, 64bit, fully updated.
The laptop is on a clean install as i just got it, only have its own drivers installed and the Asus live update software and Kaspersky Internet Security 2013.
The laptop got its power cable in and so does the docking station, apart from that it has a USB keyboard and a USB connector for my wireless mouse, Network cable, USB to the laptop and the screen cable.

Any suggestions or Idea's ?

edit: and just for info, i did check all the options in

edit: I just noticed that it's actually the whole docking station loosing the connection when the screen is flickering and its only flickering if something is running on the screen, if i leave it blank with just the desktop, then nothing is wrong.

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