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I am running into the same problem as reported above. And I agree with Jeff Fitting when he says the unit replacement should not solve the problem. It looks to me as being much more a malfunction driver behaviour rather than a hardware issue alone.

I have in my office two Toshiba Dynadocks U, one of them purchased in 2009. It was functioning perfectly until last month when I updated the software with the one I downloaded from Toshiba and DisplayLink (v 5.5). The display now freezes as reported, ramdomly and while performing simple tasks. One or two times a day, and it can be overcome simply by undocking and docking again.

The second unit doesn't freeze, but it has not the monitor cable connected to it. The reason for that is that when I connect the monitor (a Samsung T2270 model) to the Dynadock, I start facing very accentuated mouse lag effects.
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