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Default Bluray Movie Stops then continues to catch up with the sound.

Hi there,

With my Intel Q8200 machine with Nvidia 9800 GTX+, DisplayLink Driver (Mimo 710) and Windows 7(64bit) im in trouble.

When i watch Blurays in PowerDVD 9, all of a sudden the movie freezes but the sound continues, after about 1-3 seconds the movies fast-forwards to catch up with the sound again.

I have Windows XP (32) and Win 7 (64) on the same hardware - dual boot.

In XP everything works fine, under windows 7, this happens 3-7 times during a 2 hour Bluray movie.

I removed the DisplayLink and Nvidia drivers completely - and ONLY reinstalled the nvidea Graphics driver. No freezes anymore - then plugged the Mimo usb monitor in again and installed the displaylink driver. The Freeze was back.

Is this a known problem?


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