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Originally Posted by JakubDabrowski View Post

Here is the message for three of our users: Strofe7, 1kenthomas and jarsal:


Could you please use the command sudo apt-get install build-essential ?
It will install the compiler and basic C libraries.

Please let me know if that resolves your issue.


Please use the following commands in your console:

rm -f /etc/modprobe.d/evdi.conf
rm -f /etc/modules-load.d/evdi.conf

It will change the auto-loading of evdi module while booting. Please also follow this guide and gather log files for me.

Thank you for the log files and further information.


We would need to have the log files that you can gather by following this guide.

Additionally, please also gather Gnome output for us by using this command:
journalctl /usr/bin/gnome-shell > gnome_shell.txt and attach the file created by it.

If this is possible we would like also to see a short video showing the mentioned lags. That would help us greatly.

Thank you to every single one of you for your actions and patience. We will be verifying your cases as soon as we got these new information from you.

If you would like to move from the forum for a email communication, please write back on:

Best regards,
i'm sending email to with all informations that you wanted. Please let me know if you need more data to fix this issue.
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