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Default Newest driver hangs system ...

Hi Jakub,

Unfortunately, after using the below, my system hangs after login. I can only get to a recovery root command prompt. Using the script to attempt uninstall of the driver does not work, "Display not found" (it appear to assume a graphical environment).

Can someone over there provide instructions to disable / remove the driver from the command line, so I can get back in working order?

Thanks, Ken

UPDATE: using .run, I was almost able to get somewhere by booting into the -29 kernel (required) and using LANG=C for the installer, but am stuck at "component linux-headers not available" even through headers for -29 are installed.

Using, --uninstall is still blocked by "Can't open display", alas.

UPDATE2: I got out of this situation by installing lightdm from the command line, which got me into a UI. Problem may only be with gdm3? Able to uninstall, will post the loop situation that caused hang from syslog when I have a chance.[/B]

Originally Posted by JakubDabrowski View Post

Thank you for your patience.

As I have mentioned yesterday, we were working on a installation fix for Ubuntu 20.04.

Here it is:

Please verify that version and if you would face any issues inform us.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!

Best regards,

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