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Originally Posted by jpap View Post
Thanks for your reply Wim; response below.

That's great to hear -- on macOS, will it just work out of the box as part of the built-in macOS Night Shift feature? Any idea on when that may be released?

Yes, picture-in-picture works.

Though not a DL issue, I've noticed that PIP only works on the menu bar display. (I had to move the menu bar to my DL display for the test.) If you're in touch with Apple, can you ask them to make it work across all displays?

Looking at the full-screen zoom issue a bit more closely, it looks like the bug is just simply that the display canvas is not resized; the display artifacts shown on the right/bottom edges of the screen are just whatever was on the display before that zoom-level. As you zoom in you get these jaggardy bands of "left over" image.

Is the upsampling supposed to be done by Apple, not your DL driver? Or are you not even notified of the zoom level?

Hi jpap,

About Night Shift, it's in our plans but our intention is to first focus on further performance enhancements.

About the zoom feature it's a long and complicated story. We do get notifications but different OS versions are inconsistent so we have a few workarounds in place. On High Sierra it's still a work in progress. Thank you for reporting this to us.

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