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Default Feedback on macOS 10.13 beta 17A344b (DL-5500)

I'm running the High Sierra public beta build 17A344b, using a USB 3.0 connected DL-5500 adapter to a displayport 1920x1200@60 display. I upgraded to the beta just for the Metal DL support. Thanks for getting that out! :-)

My machine is a late 2013 Macbook Pro, 2.8GHz i7 with 16GB RAM, (Integrated) Intel Iris Pro 5200 GPU.

I am using the alpha driver 4.0.0 a1 (83693).

  • The performance improvement with Metal over 10.12.6 is astounding! I do hope there's still some further performance gain to be had.
  • The "white filled window" problem has gone away: previously some windows moved to the DL display would be filled all-white and only partially updated when the window was naturally updated (e.g. scrolling a list in the window).

Needs work:
  • Nightshift appears to make some kind of almost imperceptible change to the DL display, but it definitely isn't anywhere near the same as when the same display is directly connected to the machine with Nightshift enabled.
  • Accessibility zoom is completely broken. I use this a lot for UI/design work and would love to see it working on DL displays. This behavior appears the same since the non-alpha driver on 10.12.6, but would love to see it addressed going forward.
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