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Default high cpu load and lag on dual monitor setup

We applied the update but notice little change.
We have the following setup:

Lenovo Thinkpad 13
Windows 10 EDU x64 (up to date)

HP Elite USB-C docking station

monitor A: HP Compaq LA2205WG, @ 1680 x 1050, VGA-> HDMI
monitor B: Lenovo Thinkvision, @ 1680 x 1050, VGA-> HDMI

--> monitor A plugged in laptop
--> monitor B plugged in docking station

Monitor A has no delay.
Monitor B has slight (but noticable) delay and CPU load goes way up (80-90%) when moving windows around (fast).

Prior to this beta, we circumvented the problem by lowering the resolution on both monitors.
Eventhough we have few setups with 2 external monitors, we hope this issue can be resolved in the future.
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