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Originally Posted by AlbanRampon View Post
When using VLC for video, the application seems to recognise our solution as, instead of displaying on both screens, VLC shows an icon on the native display and the video on the external display.
No video pause, no video tearing. To me, it plays smoothly like on the mobile phone.
This hint really helped me a lot! I have the problem that my phone has a 2:1 (resp. 16:8) screen ratio instead of standard fullHD 16:9. So I get 1/18 black bars top and bottom. This is not too annoying while surfing or writing on my phone but for videos it is. Especially when I watch a 16:9 video "fullscreen" on my phone as it adds black bars on the left and right side. So when streaming directly from the web browser on the phone a video "fullscreen", I am getting black bars all around the video.

BUT as you mentioned VLC is able to directly access the displaylink hardware. With the Firefox extension "External Video Player" I can easily play my video with VLC instead of Firefox itself and voila: I am getting fullHD streaming without any black bars from my phone to my external monitor. Awesome!
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