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They deserve it.

I think part of the issue is I'm pushing the hardware to it's limit - the dual 34" are running at 3440x1440 each - and stacked vertically for an effective 3440x2880 screen size.

I'm mostly doing office-type work , large excel files, word documents, powerpoint and firefox or edge internet browsing.

No gaming or other drawing-intensive (CAD / Paint) activity.

The system just feel "heavy" , my impression is like the USB channel is saturated and is taxing the CPU to handle the traffic.

The D6000 is connected via USB-C on the charging port. I also connect keyboard, mouse, wireless headset and a webcam on the same dock. Network is wired and handled on the same dock too

OS is Windows 10 Insider Preview "slow ring" - currently on version 1803 build 17133.1

I'm constantly looking at task manager with "performance" pane open, and the GPU is often raising over 50% for "Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework"

I'm happy to assist if you want some sort of logging or recording or telemetry that might help you improve performances, to me there is clearly correlation between screen redraw and slow down of performances.
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