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Originally Posted by wipika View Post

So -- no matter how many times I try to install the latest build you provided, it seems that the 8.2 version of the drivers gets installed.

I tried removing all the drivers manually, and even deleted the 8.2 drivers from the system32 and system32\drivers directories. Also completely disabled any internet connection so Windows wouldn't be able to pull any drivers from Windows Update.

Unfortunately none of the above worked -- I still get the 8.2 drivers when running the dev build you provided.

I'm sending you a detailed log and screenshots in a PM. Many thanks again.

The version of the driver in device maanger will be 8.2 still due to the way the dev build was made. Could you check what the version is in "Control Panel" ->"Programs" after upgrade? That should state 8.3 if it has worked successfully.


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