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Default Display on USB adapter shows desktop when computer is locked

Hi there -- thank you for rolling out this new release and for listening to the users' request for f.lux support (main reason why I downloaded the Alpha)

I'm more than happy to report any bugs I encounter, so here we go:

My workstation consists of

a. A Thinkpad X250 on a docking station
b. An HP 24uh screen connected with a DVI-to-Displayport cable to the docking station
c. A second HP 24uh connected with a UGA-3000 adapter to a USB 3.0 port on the docking station

My main display (=the one with the Windows taskbar) is (b) from the above list.

All 3 screens are on when I'm using the machine.

Problem: When I lock my account through windows (e.g. windows key + L), the screen that's on the UGA-3000 adapter remains on and unlocked, meaning I can still see everything that is on that screen, while the other 2 screens are displaying the familiar "Press ctrl alt del to unlock" message.

Bonus problem: I believe I've noticed an overall sporadic lag in performance of usb devices since the Alpha install. For example, the USB keyboard and mouse sometimes respond with a delay when I type or move the mouse cursor.

I'm attaching the logs from the tool -- hopefully it will help you roll out the next version.

Many thanks again!

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