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Which OS version are you using?
If you are using 14393, this could be because f.lux has not yet started and therefore you are hitting the OS bug I flagged in the limitations.
The OS is sending 0 gamma tables (instead of default) which kind of means blank (it means all black). But this is a valid value so we can't just discard 0 gamma curves as it could be used by applications to an "artistic" progressive blanking. Microsoft has been EXTREMELY responsive in fixing this as they fixed it within 1 HOUR of me flagging this to them! But the fix won't be applied to 14393.
If we discard the 0 gamma tables, then a screen blanking may never be totally black which may become a security issue in screen sharing applications.
Do you think it is better? I am really hesitant to implement this as this is going to be very short lived: you are getting the new official OS (Creators Update) with the proper fix in less than a month. I need to balance effort (=> cost) with payback.

I'm interested in getting your feedback on this so I take a proper decision!

Instead of replugging the device, could you please try to force f.lux night/darkroom mode from the laptop/direct display? If you recover your indirect displays, this is the OS bug. If you don't recover your displays, our engineers need to fix that! (please give which Win10 build you are using for our internal reproduction and analysis).

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