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an update to my situation:

I upgraded my graphics card to an amd radeon 7970 by switching to the generic vga driver, removing the old card, inserting the new one, downloading the latest beta version of the graphics driver (15.7.9 beta for windows 10 x64 circa 9/30/2015), ran the displaylink driver cleaner, downloaded displaylink driver 7.9M2.

My Apple 17" LCD still didn't work on the displayport adapter.

as a test, I decided to plug my samsung syncmaster 2443BW into my displayport adapter and found that despite it's native mode of 1920x1200 that it was operating in 1920x1200 which I found to be odd and annoying.

I ran dxdiag and found that the monitor correctly reported the native resolution, but was running at a lower one for some reason and the windows display control panel says that 1920x1080 was the highest resolution possible. The only time i'd seen this display behave this way is when using vga. I looked in the dxdiag log for a second at the output type and sure enough, it said HD15 (despite being connected directly via dvi). I plugged my apple display in, reran dxdiag saving the output, and indeed, output type was listed as hd15. I then looked at the original log I posted here in my original post, and sure enough, dxdiag reports display output is hd15. I'm under the impression my displaylink adapter is attempting (and succeeding) at outputting analog information over the dvi-i cable (resulting in my lowered resolution on the samsung display) but because the apple display is dvi-d, it won't accept such information.

Do you have any idea how I can tell my displaylink adapter to output DVI?

I really wish I had a windows 7 or windows 8 computer to test these findings with to see if dxdiag reports an output type of DVI when working properly under those operating systems with the supplied HP drivers. Sadly I don't have access to one at the moment.

Thank you for your assistance!
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