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I am curious if there are any plans to distribute the Displaylink App on the Mac App Store or via brew?

Also, if I want to use the Displaylink App, do I also need to install the driver or does the App take care of the driver? I'm hoping to not have to install both.
Yes, there is a plan to add the application to Mac App Store we do not have any dates set yet but we are aiming to get it added there.

All you need is the application, there is no need to install the classic driver.

Originally Posted by rondebruin View Post
got the same problem with two monitors attached with HDMI to An USB C HDTV adapter with multiscreen display, my MacBook see both displays as one and they mirroring. and that is not what I want.
If this issue happened after upgrading to driver 5.2.4 please try out the Beta driver.

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