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Originally Posted by RobstaRobotard View Post
I've put together a build script that I use already for my Ubuntu setup... Working for 5.9.16, and just installing 5.10.4 to test that too... But the results from above already speak for themselves... (Thank you bro )

Hopefully this can simplify the process...

It downloads the current DisplayLink, then updates the EVDI folder from the above instructions...

[AS PER BELOW - I've updated my script to allow for newer DisplayLink updated to not be automatically be patched]

You may also need to run this to start the service after reboot:

sudo systemctl start displaylink-driver.service

Let me know if it helps
Thanks for this but I'm getting a 404 trying to download your script?

Originally Posted by nvergontbij View Post
As per January, 1st 2021, all changes have been pushed to branch v.1.7.x: #225.
Tested on Ubuntu 20.04, kernel version 5.10.2 (-surface).
Hope that helps.
Yep that works perfect for me on 5.10.4 0 - thanks so much!

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