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As per January, 1st 2021, all changes have been pushed to branch v.1.7.x: #225.

The updated (simpler) instructions are the following:

1. Download the DisplayLink driver from [the official download page]( Then run the following commands:

    unzip 'DisplayLink USB Graphics Software for Ubuntu'
    chmod +x
    ./ --noexec --keep
2. Get the updated evdi version by typing:

    git clone
    cd evdi
    git checkout v1.7.x
    tar cf evdi.tar.gz *
    cp evdi.tar.gz ../displaylink-driver-
3. Install displaylink:
    cd ../displaylink-driver-
    sudo ./ install
Tested on Ubuntu 20.04, kernel version 5.10.2 (-surface).
Hope that helps.
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